Made of corn starch
They are based on corn starch, as well as biopolymers of plant origin, which completely decompose in the soil in 90 days
100% eco-packages
Types of biodegradable packages
- they are made using traditional plastics, to which a special additive d2w is added, which accelerates the disintegration of plastic into small particles. These particles are no larger than 5 mm and are called micro plastics, which pollute the environment much more than ordinary plastic.

The thing is that despite the "good intentions" to decompose plastic faster, the damage is actually much greater, because ordinary plastic, which will decompose in a hundred years will bring us less harm in the long run than the one that decomposes tomorrow and pollutes our land and water with its micro particles.

In fact, the problem of undecomposed plastic, which is now drifting in the ocean, is much less harmful, because it can still be caught and disposed of, but micro plastic is a much more acute problem, because it is already in our drinking water and the faster it "decomposes", the more bleak prospects will await us in the near future.
An alternative of the future! After all, the decomposition of this bioplastic is actually complete!

They are based on corn starch, as well as biopolymers of plant origin, which are completely decomposed in the soil. Under certain conditions, such packages decompose without residues and become part of natural humus. The production of this type of packages and disposable products from bioplastics is the basis of ECOMAIZING activity.

According to its mechanical characteristics, this bioplastic does not differ from ordinary polyethylene, but if after its use you put it in compost, then after a short period of time it will completely decompose, leaving no harmful components, only safe natural elements. This is BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC - plastic that is produced from organic raw materials and after its use is again converted into organic raw materials
Packages made of oxy-biodegradable plastic
Packages which are composted
European quality certificate
Our packages are completely safe for the environment, because they are 100% made from bio raw materials. Meet all European quality standards.
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Our main goals combine a focus on the quality of existing products and the innovations of new products and concepts. The main goal is to encourage people to use environmentally friendly materials based on renewable raw materials.
ECOMAIZING is a modern manufacturer of biodegradable bags that are 100% safe for the environment and composted at home within 90 days. We produce and sell the best bio-based products for home use, retail, industrial and agricultural usage, focusing on the use of renewable, biodegradable and composting raw materials.
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